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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

top 3 picks for monsoon.....

Hello beautiful ladies out there.........
monsoon season is on and so is new beauty routine......
so here are top 3 products to use in monsoon for that natural and fresh look

1. Powder based foundation:  liquid or cream based foundations are a big NO this season.Instead go for a powder based foundation which keeps you fresh. my personal favorite is

Oriflame Beauty Whitening Powder Foundation

its a foundation,compact with spf 8.
gives you natural and glowing skin.

2. Waterproof eyeliner:  long lasting,waterproof,smudge free eyeliners are a great tool for monsoons.
my favorites are....

Giordani Gold Liquid Eye Liner

a smooth shiny,smudge free and long lasting eye liner with great applicator

i love this can be used as a kajal as well as liner.its available in 5 shades:
black,blue,green,brown and grey.
its pocket friendly too.

3. Matte lipsticks:  monsoon is a moist season and you don't need a sticky shiny gloss.Just keep it natural by matte lipsticks.

its a must have these monsoons for a gloss free,non sticky,non shiny look. Have amazing smooth texture and is available in 8 exotic shades.

i hope you enjoyed my post.
click on the links to check the price and shades of the products.
if you want to know more about its offers  or join oriflame send me your contact details :
stay tuned for more tips 
be you ,be beautiful

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