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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Makeup-truly an art

Hello my beautiful readers!!!

Today i am so happy and excited to share with you


which i learnt from a beauty session conducted by our celebrity makeup artist-Shilpa kejriwal

Part-1 Makeup base
a good makeup base is really important to get that flawless,smooth,fresh look.
you don't want to look patchy and fake right?
so here are the tips:
  1. Use a good cleanser  before doing makeup for any occasion and clean your eyes and lips thoroughly
  2. Dab face primer and blend it well on your face and neck area (just like applying a cream),to provide suppleness to your face.
  3. take concealer and dab it to the areas you want to hide or fade (like your eye circles,dark patches.,etc)
  4. use a dry foundation brush to blend it well (do not forget to clean brush with a tissue before use)
  5. apply foundation with finger tips first (do not forget the neck area)
  6. again use a dry foundation brush to blend it. 
  7. lastly, use a good loose powder apply it with a dry brush

that's all for today
in my next blog i will continue with further make up
hope you enjoyed it.
stay you,stay beautiful.....:)

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