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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Hi ladies!!
hope you are doing well
and today i have some gifts for all of you.......
so here we go.....

1.Beauty Partner by Oriflame:
As we all know our smartphones and iPad today are full of apps and how about n app that tells you best makeup and look for you?this app contains step-by -step  tutorials ,so that you can easily understand and do it yourself.

And the best part is....... ITS FOR FREE

2. Virtual Makeup Studio:

Its my personal favorite page on the entire website. All the make-up products,looks,tips,shopping etc, all at one place.For this you can upload you pic or can choose a model that look similar to you.
I didn't have a pic like this so i chose a model.

and covering the face,eyes and lips i got this look which i downloaded for my desktop:

so try it yourself and don't forget to write me a feedback with your pic.

3. Free Headers And Backgrounds:
Now here are some headers and background for you...

hope you like my post.....
for more free stuff and contests.....
stay tuned....

stay you,stay beautiful

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