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Thursday, August 22, 2013

hollywood makeup- DECODED

hi ladies!!
how you all are doing?

During the starting of this month I shared the august catalogue with you all......
so what's specialin this ctalogue???

the exclusive DEMI MORE collection and now i have collected some pichas of them from internet
here they are......

*Note: these images are just to show the colors to all viewers.No editing is done with these images.

hope these swatches and pics help you choose better......
that's all for today.....
but don't forget to catch my next post as there is a big surprise for all of you.......

stay you,stay beautiful....... :)


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Hollywood makeup series: Demi More collection



  1. :D I love the reds! So Vibrant!
    How was the staying power? and did it smudge on teeth or anything??



    Thia @ The Tale Thief!

    1. hi Thia !!
      i am glad you like it...
      it stays long and is smudge free...:)
      and this month its on special discount too.....:)