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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Quick tips for skincare in winter

hey ppl!!

Today morning i realized that  winters are already here when it was difficult for me to leave my bed .Winters are beautiful here in New Delhi but,as weather changes our skin also needs to change its routine.

so here are my Quick tips to look stunning in winters as well....

1.Always wash your face with cold water.No matter what season it is or what region you belong,just try to wash your face with cold water or water at room temperature and remember to avoid warm water. And don't forget to wash it at-least twice a day.

2. Moisturize it well. moisturize your face as well you skin well in this season as this season is very dry and skin looses its own moisture.And do't forget to look for Vitamin E in the creams,its good for your skin.

3.Lip balm always carry it in your bag as lips need more moisture then skin ,so whenever you feel your lips are getting dry,  just apply it.

4.Water for drinking, in winter body needs hydration not from outside but inside as well,so try to drink 8 glasses of water everyday.

so that's all for today,
next  will be lip care

stay you,stay beautiful

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